Increase Organic Traffic By 500%

  • From (2500) visits per month to (15 thousand) visits per month, all visits Organic from Google Search

Free visits

  • Increased Sales 240% For Ecommerce website

SEO for Ecommerce ROI

  • The position is ahead of competitors.

Who Is The Client?

An online store specializing in original Turkish products at competitive prices 

Easy to use with the ability to shop and choose between hundreds of Turkish products and send them all over the world.

Provides its clients with:

a Fast & Safe Shipping Service.

Variety of payment options.

Easy replay.

24-hour customer service.

Website Contents

  • Various products of the most famous brands.
  • Multiple classifications.
  • Food and household products.
  • Blog.
  • Hashtags
  • Static pages.

Challenges For SEO Mission

  • Limited target audience.
  • Difficulty in competing in the target group; The Gulf states (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the Emirates).
  • There are many technical problems on the website.
  • Existence of repetition in products.
  • Poor product image quality.
  • Repeating product descriptions.
  • Not adding descriptions in many products.
  • Poor website visits.
  • “Duplicate canonical” problem due to the product being associated with the taxonomy name.
  • (Duplicate content) Problem.
  • Having many products and articles on the site never gets visits.

Before SEO Plan

post -SEO Stage

Here are the most important site statistics before working to improve it in proportion to search engines

  • The site receives from (90) to (120) visits per day, and there is a great fluctuation.
  • Alexa ranking (500,000).

SEO is Best Solution

Don’t miss out on our client’s success story! You may be the best guide for your business

The company opened its doors and selected talented and professional competencies to hold a meeting with the management of our client’s store to know more details about their store and what are their requirements? identify their pain points.

Now, we can summarize the result of this meeting that they aim to:

  • Optimizing visits to their site, while maintaining a high level of traffic from the target audience.
  • Making the site rank first in search results (SERP) for many of the most competitive keywords.

Accordingly, we have set the following goals

  • Making Ecommerce website rank first position in search results for the most competitive keywords.
  • Improve your Alexa ranking.
  • Increasing traffic of website visits to reach (15,000) visits per month.
  • Increasing the number of articles written on the site while improving the quality of content.
  • Improving the content of products on the website
  • fix errors and product duplication.
  • rank first position for the famous brands in Turkey.
  • User experience improvement.
  • Increase the number of sales on the site.

SEO Processing Steps

First: Technical Seo Audit

The site was analyzed by (Screaming frog), (Ahref) and (Semrush) and find the problems that the website was facing, most of which were:

  • Lots of 404 pages.
  • The site was infected with the Chinese virus, which is the process of generating very large links inside (sitemap).
  • The site is slow.
  • All pages of the site do not contain (Schema)
  • No internal links on (The orphan page).
  • (Page has links to redirect).

And many other errors, as the site contained (2300) errors.

The distribution of tasks to the technical development department has been started to fix problems in cooperation with the (SEO) team, in order to eventually reach the level of 99% Healthy Score.

Healthy Score

Second: The Cooperation Of The Content Department With The SEO Department

The website contains many products, which are categorized as follows:

  • Drinks-making machines.
  • Turkish sweets.
  • Weekly offers.
  • Turkish Attar.
  • Ottoman folklore.
  • Turkish drinks.
  • Beauty and care.
  • Supplement

The Content Department and SEO Department:

  • Insert more than (70) new articles in (6) months
  • Optimize (15) old articles.
  • Optimize (400) products for SEO.
  • Fix (70) duplicate products.
  • Optimize SEO for pages.
  • Optimize  SEO for all brand pages. Create (78) tags to link and export products.

Third: Schema 

The SEO team has worked on adding (8) types of (Schema) to the pages of the site, the most important of which are:

  1. Schema products.
  2. FAQ schema.
  3. Article schema.
  4. Search Schema. 
  5. Brand Schema. 
  6. Breadcrumb Schema.
  7. Image Schema.
  8. Video Schema.

The importance of (Schema) lies in organizing the data on the site to help search engines better understand the type of content and its archiving in search engine results.

The SEO team worked on:

  • Building an organized backlink for a period of (6) months.
  • Daily publication on (Social Signals).
  • Daily publication on (Bookmark).

A specific standard has been adopted in the (SEO) for the type of external links that we want to obtain in terms of the language of the site, the domain, and the keywords that we want to get the backlink for, in addition to the domain authority, the age of the site and the volume of visits.

Fifthly: Improve The Content

The SEO team optimized the content and included:

  • Optimize title and H1
  • Optimize Meta Description.
  • Building a structure for Article
  • Target high-quality keywords.
  • Optimize product names.
  • Optimize long and short product descriptions.
  • Optimize image ( size and image quality “
  • Embed videos inside products and articles.

The content strategy was to find and search the names of the products, as there are many products that contain names whose names differ in target Audience, for example: “المسابح   ” are called “سبح ” in the Gulf countries.

After SEO – Results

After -seo- results

Site statistics after our team’s efforts and improvement according to search engines

  • (500-550) visits per day, equivalent to (15,000) visits per month. + 500%
  • Doubling the number of daily sales by only 240% of SEO.
  • The monthly increase in the subscription to the mailing list. + 20.8%
  • (1.8) million store impressions in search results.
  • The figure below also shows the countries that visit the site (note that they are the countries targeted by the client).

targeted countries


The site came out on top of the first five results on the first page when these words were used in the search engine.

الكلمة المفتاحية  الكلمات المفتاحية الكلمات المفتاحية
شوكولاتة q7 التركية 2.2 قهوة دنياسي 1.5 دبس التوت العضوي 1
عسل الابيميديوم 2.2 متجر منتجات تركية 1.5 قهوة محمد افندي 1
منتجات تركية للبشرة 2.2 بقلاوة حافظ مصطفى 1.5 العسل التركي 1
سحلب حافظ مصطفى 2.2 شوكولاتة لافيفا 1.5 منتجات تركية في دبي 1
منتجات تركية في البحرين 1.3 منتجات تركية في الكويت 1.4 عسل الابيميديوم في السعودية 1
شاي المشمش للتنحيف 1.3 انواع البقلاوة 1.4 قهوة تركية محمد افندي 1.2
شاي ماتشا الأصلي 1.3 فوائد عسل الإبيميديوم للرجال 1.4 خاتم السلطان عبد الحميد الثاني 1.2
حلقوم تركي 1.3 حلقوم تركي بالرمان 1.4 مكسرات تركية مكسرات باكستانيه 1.2
منتجات أولكر التركية 1.3 بهارات البطاطس التركية 1.4 ماكينة قهوة كاراجا 1.2
حلويات حافظ مصطفى 1.3 خاتم ارطغرل 1.4 حافظ مصطفى الكويت 1.2
قهوة حافظ مصطفى 1.3 المستكة الأصلي  1.4 سحلب تركي اصلي 1.2

The Site Outperforms Paid Ads PPC VS SEO

SEO ” Organic Search  Vs Paid ads 

traffic  and Conversion

الموقع يتفوق على الإعلانات الممولة PPC VS SEO

Sponsored Ads

  • The eCommerce site owner spends large sums of money per month on funded advertisements. “PPC “
  • In the beginning, the site relied on paid advertisements (100%) to achieve great sales.

But after starting the SEO campaign

  • the eCommerce site was able to reduce the value (Conv) of each purchase and reduce the price of clicks.
  • Achieving a 240% increase in sales from Organic Search from the Google search engine via the organic search results.
  • Getting visits at a rate of (20%) from Organic Result more than paid ads. “PPC”

So proud of the entire 2P team and our SEO team


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Here comes the role of the content, marketing, and search engine optimization team to provide services in a professional and creative way that reflects the quality of your services and products, to be your partner in:

Deliver a great and easy user experience that makes a difference, by:

  • Do research carefully to analyze your sector, market, and competitors.
  • Focusing on users is the building block of your business’s success.
  • suggest a range of alternatives,
  • Choose the best solution based on your site, your competitors, and the experience you provided.

The secret to success is to develop a customized strategy that fits your business and circumstances and helps you take advantage of all the opportunities around you to highlight your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.

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