E-Commerce SEO Packages

How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic?

Our qualified SEO team will manage your e-store visibility, allow you to keep track of activities on it and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns to raise your search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your website.

Professionally increasing the visibility of e-commerce websites on search engines for more customer visits and higher sales.

The success of your e-store depends on how easy it is to find your product or brand when searching the web, most e-commerce websites contain similar products and that’s what makes it difficult for the users to recognize your website, and here you need 2P expertise.

We build a detailed and effective SEO strategy that allows your website to be on top search results, improve your brand awareness and drive traffic to your e-store to increase your bottom line with more sales, as we prepare and use carefully crafted SEO checklists and audits to ensure strong performance of your e-commerce website.

Benefits of Seo for Ecommerce

  • Advantages of SEO with 2P

    Ecommerce SEO aims to generate great visibility for your e-store, increase customer traffic, as well as sales and profits.
  • High-value customers

    We maximize your sales and profits by improving your e-store visibility to connect you with your target customers
  • More Online Visibility

    To keep you ahead of your rivals, we use best SEO practices to develop a customised and competitive SEO strategy.
  • Low-cost way to support your e-store

    SEO optimization and configuration of e-stores is an efficient, results-oriented, and cost-effective way to achieve the optimal SEO outcomes.
  • Profits in the long run

    Instead of providing immediate results, SEO services provide long-term investment that can generate substantial revenue in the long run.


Our in-depth solutions to boost your online store’s performance in addition to strategies and solutions for social media and content marketing!


Product image optimization

Social Media Marketing

On-page crawl error correction

Video Marketing

Canonicalization & Extensive Panda Check

Content Marketing

Website Page Load Optimization Recommendations

 Search Optimization

Product Markup – Schema HTML tags

Link Building

Category Pages Onpage SEO

On-Page Optimization

Brand Pages Onpage SEO

On-Page Optimization

Rich snippets optimization

 Search Optimization

Sub category Page/Products Onpage SEO

Basic Standard Professional
Ideal for Small Ecommerce Store
(up to 100 products)
Medium Ecommerce Store
(up to 200 products)
Large Ecommerce Store
(up to 500 products)
Number of Total Keywords optimized 50 100 150
Primary Keywords 25 50 75
Secondary Keywords 25 50 75

Campaign Setup

In-depth website Analysis
Content Duplicacy Check
Initial Backlinks analysis
Google Penalty Check
Mobile Usability Check
Competition Analysis
Keyword Research

Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics Setup & Integration
Retargeting Setup no
Call Tracking $30 /month $30 /month $30 /month
Heatmap Homepage Mapped URL's Mapped URL's
Scroll Maps Homepage Mapped URL's Mapped URL's
Click Maps Homepage Mapped URL's Mapped URL's
Eye-Tracking Maps Homepage Mapped URL's Mapped URL's
Advanced Website UX & Conversion Optimization Report $399 One Time $399 One Time $399 One Time
Record Visitors Homepage Mapped URL's Mapped URL's

On Page Optimization

Canonicalization & Extensive Panda Check
Website Page Load Optimization Recommendations
S – Structure
Page H Tags Optimization
Image & Hyperlink Optimization
Product image optimization
HTML & XML website map
Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
GWT URL Parameter normalization/exclusions
Google Analytics setup with conversion tracking
Link redirect audit
Proper URL structure analysis
Shopping cart funnel analysis and recommendations
On-page crawl error correction
Product Markup - Schema HTML tags
Rich snippets optimization
Tilte & Meta Tags Optimization
Page Speed Optimization Analysis
Sitemap Creation
Category Pages Onpage SEO 3 5 10
Brand Pages Onpage SEO 2 5 8
Sub category Page/Products Onpage SEO 1 2 3
Codification 1 2 3
Informational Article Writing & Submission 1 2 3
Press Release Writing & Submission 1 2 3
Press Release Social Bookmarking
Guest Blog Outreach 1 2 3
Premium PR Distribution 1 2 3
Infographic Creation & Distribution 1 every 2nd Month 1 1

Social Media Optimization (per month)

Facebook & Twitter Account Setup
Profile Content Writing
Facebook Wall Updates
Twitter Updates
Custom Twitter Background
Custom Pinboards
Facebook Timeline Design
Pinterest Account Creation
Pinterest Optimization
Pin Images
Follow Pinboards

Video Marketing (per month)

Voiceover Video Creation + Distribution $50 /Video $50 /Video 1
Youtube Channel Creation
Video / PPT Creation + Distribution 1 1 1

Local Search Optimization (per month)

NAP Syndication & Citation Building
Updating Pages & hcard Integration
Classified Submissions
Google Product Listing Ads (Shopping Ads) no no
Remarketing- Google & Facebook no

Monthly Report

Competitor intelligence report
Search Engine Rank Report
SEO Reports
Google Analytics Report
Activity Report
Monthly Action Plan

Customer Support

24/7 Live Project Tracking

How can we help you?

It is challenging to achieve a strong online presence, but 2P will assist you with efficient methods for achieving a prominent online presence.

  1. Rating & Review System

    We learn about the customer’s goals and conduct target keyword and market analysis.
  2. Work plan

    We build strategies and plan the end goals of the campaign that we will launch for you, including target, budget, promotions, messages, as well as benchmarking.
  3. Strategy analysis and planning

    Analysing campaign structure, keywords, and ad copy, as well as landing pages and conversion rate tracking.
  4. Work division and follow-up

    Segment business items, monitor and analyze store website traffic and conversion data.
  5. Make a summary and follow up on the target

    Campaign optimize, tweak, conduct additional keyword analysis, and meet the campaign’s objectives.

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We optimize e-commerce websites developed using various store management systems. 2P has a skilled team of developers and specialists in enhancing the appearance of e-stores, with an experience working on different platforms for creating and managing both regular and open source e-commerce websites.

FAQs – Ecommerce SEO

Got any questions about our Ecommerce SEO Packages? We have the answers

Can you guarantee the results in Ecommerce SEO?

It’s difficult to guarantee reliable results since Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, however, our track record and dedication to providing the highest quality service to our customers will certainly boost and enhance your online presence, Within three months, you should notice some advancements, and within six months or more, you should see a rise in your ranking and the number of visitors. 

Note: Stay away from any company that promises you assured SEO results; they are untrustworthy. In fact, Google itself admits that no one can guarantee a high Google ranking.

What are the best practices to follow when selling products targeted at different countries/regions?

While it will primarily rely on your budget, time, and resources, we suggest that you build new divisions on your domain/website name to meet the needs of different countries, so consider using / eg / sa or / tr, This option is less expensive than purchasing a new domain / domain name, you may also discuss this with our SEO expert, who will be able to provide you with more details on the subject.

Why is it important to consult an expert for Ecommerce SEO?

It is difficult to manually address the many technical aspects and challenges of SEO e-commerce website optimization, only an SEO specialist with a good experience can handle issues like duplicate content, poor URL structure, and unoptimized product pages, image alt texts, redirects, weak pages, and more.

Why 2P for SEO ?

We are SEO specialists who have collaborated with a number of businesses and organisations, with an unrivaled expertise in producing excellent results.

  1. Tailored solutions

    We offer e-commerce services that is suitable to the sector, considering our customer businesses, services and product range.
  2. A brilliant team.

    For a smooth project execution, we have the best professionals on board, including SEO specialists, web designers, developers, and copywriters.
  3. Guaranteed transparency

    We are completely transparent with our customers, both in terms of pricing and campaign performance.
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