Our client represents a famous religious figure in the Arab and Islamic worlds. His main goal is to transcend geographical borders and reach people in different parts of the Arab world to benefit them, educate them, and raise their awareness through a collection of valuable articles, Audio-visual books, and series on religious topics and historical figures with influence, as well as through the presentation of audio-visual books, and series on administrative and leadership issues, in addition to conducting personal development courses to increase skills.
The customer needed to improve the efficiency of his digital presence and reach the target audiences and their general impact, so he turned to our company, 2P, intending to improve his digital platform in all possible ways and achieve his goals efficiently and effectively.

Poor Digital Access and Few Visits!

The biggest challenge for the client is to be ahead of the competition and achieve results with a beneficial impact in light of the intense competition for digital religious content.
There was a set of challenges stemming from the internal client workflows, as there was a severe lack of articles and content written across their site. In addition to challenges in genuinely understanding the impact of their marketing efforts and how they can be improved, they have noticed that the site contains many pages that receive little or no visits! They also noticed the repetition of content across the site, as well as many problems with arranging and organizing the content.
The client’s website was only reaping (250) to (300) visits daily! And, in obvious fluctuation.
They were unable to make a qualitative leap and improve their performance in the next stage, which prompted them to turn to a responsible and expert marketing agency that was able to take them there.

Poor Digital Access and Few Visits!

Easy and Fast User Experience with a High-Quality Website

The key to the success of the digital impact is first understanding your client’s needs and pain points and the most important opportunities available to exploit them in addressing these pains and challenges, then choosing the appropriate tools to improve his performance and developing customized plans and strategies to put him on the path to success, excellence, and achieving goals.
Driven by the power of data in understanding the problem and planning the solution, the 2P team scanned and analyzed the customer’s site using custom tools (such as (Screaming frog), (Ahrefs), and (Semrush)) and extracted a comprehensive report on the site’s performance and problems encountered where most of them were:

  • Page accessibility issues:
    • Difficulty with finding pages (4XX).
    • Difficulty with turning pages (3XX).
    • Orphan pages
  • Content issues:
    • Duplicate content.
    • Untitled pages.
    • Blank pages.
  • And many other problems.

Thanks to the tireless effort of the 2P team, the customer was quickly able to notice the difference and note that all issues were resolved.
With the help of the 2P team, the client site got a score of 98% in the Site Health Score, as we can see in the figure below.

Easy and Fast User Experience with a High-Quality Website

Broader Reach and More Traffic Through Valuable SEO-Friendly Content

With the fierce competition in digital content, providing valuable, high-quality, understandable, and accessible content is important.
Recognizing the role of content quality and excellence in improving digital presence and enhancing customer reach, the 2P team has organized and dedicated its efforts to achieving a high level of valuable, personalized, and optimized content.
After reviewing all the content on the site, he improved the entire content on the site previously, configured it for search engines, and also added more than 150 new articles according to SEO standards.
The 2P team added 27 site audio strings configured for search engines and added schema to the site due to its role in organizing the data on the site and helping search engines understand the type of content and better archive it in search engine results. Such as the (FAQ schema) and the (Article schema)…
all reflected positively on the site, as it appeared in many new keywords with a clear improvement in the old keywords ranking.

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights and Reporting Misleaders

Many try to exploit trusted and famous brand names to improve their reach to the masses, which can affect the reputation of the original brand.

So the 2P team was keen to protect the client’s valuable assets and conducted detailed online research to find sites and apps that steal and spread customer content without their permission.
Our team also reported that more than (100) mobile apps contain content stolen from the site, also removed by Google.

Perfect Digital Success After Cooperating With 2P

The game’s rules have completely changed thanks to the 2P team’s efforts.
The 2P team was able to achieve great customer satisfaction results, helping to increase customer site visits by 600% within a year.

The audio series added by our team also achieved 73 thousand visits.

The site also got 120 thousand visits thanks to the FAQ schema.

The 2P team has achieved very satisfactory results for the client, such as the ability to quickly discover the client’s site and easily and smoothly discover all the site’s content, as well as access to unique and valuable content without confusing or showing broken pages.

Get Better Growth and Reach with The 2P Team.

Be patient! Persistent! and keen to put your efforts and money in the right place to yield huge profits and permanent and satisfied users.

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