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You can’t buy influence but you can gain it, and today’s clients no longer pay much attention to advertising campaigns and rather trust in the recommendations and suggestions of real people they can contact directly.


We at 2P make sure that you reach the right influencer, so we research your product or idea as well as the nature of your clients and your goals, and we create a list of relevant influencers, and then evaluate each one of them separately by carefully measuring the impact of their influence, and the amount of interaction with their pages and accounts, and we check their followers’ audience thoroughly to really determine whether they are what we are looking for, and finally we choose the best engaging, creative and spontaneous influencer, then integrate your brand with their world to become an integral part of the content they provide.

Influencer marketing is a form of promotion, whereby a company collaborates with someone who has a broad audience and can influence the people who are targeted by the product, idea, or brand.

What is social media influencer marketing ?

An influencer is a person who has a strong presence on social media, which enables them to influence their followers, and of course, the form and amount of influence vary from one influencer to another, for example, a good influencer in the field of travel and tourism may not be able to be influential in the field of clothing and fashion.

Many brands are using influencers to promote their products and services, they do that because clients changed and they are now sick of typical and traditional advertising, and meanwhile, influencers can guarantee you easy, attractive, and impressive outreach at the lowest costs.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing in UAE

  1. Lower cost

    compared to other marketing methods that cost a lot to be impressive.
  2. Spontaneity

    people are touched by the spontaneity of influencers and their natural behavior, so when the influencer presents your product and tests it as a normal and random person, it brings your product closer to the groups that you target.
  3. Creativity

    This advantage is limited to some influencers, because creatives are very few, and we can help you to choose an engaging creative influencer, who will not only be in the same field as your product or service, but also will be smart and know how to touch people’s hearts.
  4. Trust between influencers and your clients

    a client is often influenced by the opinion of friends, family and those around them, and today the influencer has become one of those, this solid relationship between the influencer and his audience is not built overnight, but you as an owner of a company or brand, can directly benefit from this credit of trust built by the influencer in a long time and effort.

How to choose influencers for your campaign in Dubai؟

We do a serious search for an influencer in Dubai that is most suitable to your product, service, or idea, and our password is trust, so we choose an influential person whom we and you trust, and who is trusted by their audience, and we focus on the following:

  • Getting to know you more

    In the beginning, we answer these important questions with you: What do you want? Just selling your product? Or create awareness of your brand? What is your target group? Are you targeting to attract new clients? Or are you targeting your existing clients?
  • Getting to know the influencer

    We choose one or more influencer who is relevant and suitable to your product, service, or idea that you want to promote, it is not appropriate for us to bring you an influencer who is in an irrelevant field that does not intersect with your field!
  • We look for common values and a common message

    We care that the values and mission of the influencer are compatible with the values and mission of your company, so it will be a valuable addition to the voice and image of your brand.
  • We measure the amount of interaction

    We pay attention to the number of the influencer’s followers, but this is not all, we also focus on the amount of interaction with the influencer’s pages and accounts, through a conscious reading of the number of likes, comments, and posts which we validate using our technical tools and skills.
  • The characteristics of the influencer’s audience and followers

    We consider the influencer followers more important than the influencer themselves, so we get to know them accurately to see whether they are compatible with your target audience, it is important that your audience is the same audience of the influencer with whom we cooperate, therefore, we research the influencer followers and find their geographical location, their age groups, and their interests, so that all of this is compatible with the goals of your company or brand.
  • We place the decision-making power in your hands

    Finally, before we make the decision, we show you the options and alternatives that we have come to, and explain to you how this or that influencer can benefit you, and we suggest the best and most appropriate to you (least expensive and highest in terms of results).

    We will work with you to craft a dazzling and vibrant message for your brand expressed by a talented person who has a broad audience, and who will give you influence in your target market, and strong and meaningful relationships with their followers.

We will work with you to craft a dazzling and vibrant message for your brand expressed by a talented person who has a broad audience, and who will give you influence in your target market, and strong and meaningful relationships with their followers.

We provide you with real people who can tell your brand’s story beautifully
With every best influencer in Dubai we employ for you, your audience range and your clientele will expand.

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