YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are shown to potential customers while they view or search for videos, and the ad is only paid for when the viewer shows interest in it.

The Arab world ranks second after the United States in terms of total video viewing time, and the growth rate of YouTube usage on mobile phones in the Arab world is 90%, while the growth rate of video viewing time on YouTube is 60%, all this clearly tells us that presence and attendance is through Youtube ads becomes very important day by day.

In YouTube ads, you can reach people who are important to your business, so your ad does not need to be displayed to everyone, only to people who are most likely to be interested in what you offer, as YouTube is used by football fans in the neighborhood, fashion enthusiasts all over the world and many other groups.

What are the advantages of YouTube ads?

One of the advantages of this type of ad is that it is only paid when users view your video ad. You will only pay any money when someone chooses to view at least 30 seconds of the video or clicks on the TrueView ad.

Another important feature is the ability to inform you on the performance of your ad, and the details that we will work to improve, as we will provide you with data and statistics on how viewers respond to your video ads in order to evaluate your performance and determine the necessary steps to improve it.

Share your story

It will make it easier for you to attract your next customer if they are aware of your business, you can introduce your business by using video ads on YouTube, where users from all over the world go to watch videos, as it is a video site, you are sure that people actually watch the videos, and we can choose who can see your video ad.

We can deliver your ad to people when they visit the YouTube homepage or search for specific topics, or we can display it right before the video clip that your customers want to watch just like a TV ad, basically, your ad can appear on YouTube as follows:

  • TrueView in-stream ads:

    A skippable online video ad that appears before the main video.
  • Bumper ads:

    A short 6-second video ad that works well on mobile, we can use this format for you when you want to reach people with a distinguished short message.
  • TrueView discovery ads:

    We use this format to appear in YouTube search results, on the YouTube homepage, and alongside related videos.

How do we prepare the advertising campaign on YouTube?

  1. We think about where you want people to go, do you want to send the people who will see the ad to your website or see more videos on your YouTube channel? It is very important to determine what action you want people to take after seeing your ad and link it to your business goals. We can direct people to your site to explore it, buy something from your online store, or direct people to your YouTube channel where your videos are located, to increase the number of subscribers and the number of video views, which leads to attracting future customers and attracting their interaction.
  2. We think about the people you want to reach, as we choose the target group based on geographic location, age, interests, etc., so we can display your video ads for an entire country or a small town or both, and concerning the demographic characteristics of the customer, we carefully choose their age, gender, marital status, income and more, we also focus on interests as we choose from over 100adPartner to narrow down the range to specific clients.
  3.  We review the types of ads that we can implement for you to suit your goals and target group, so we choose between short or longer video ads to tell your story in six seconds or sixty seconds.

Now all you have to do is make us show your business story in the best way on the world’s most important video platform.

Highlight your products and services by posting a high-quality video ad within your budget
We can create an attractive promotional video for you and then publish it as a professional advertisement on YouTube

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