Reputation Management

It may take years to build a reputation for your company, organization, or you personally on the Internet, the problem is that all this time and effort may collapse in a minute! In a blink of an eye, and as a result of an unintended mistake, an organized campaign against you, or a targeting that seeks to undermine your reputation, you may lose the status you gained after painstaking effort.

The strange thing is that sometimes the danger can be imminent and expected while you are not aware of it because in today’s world anyone can have a huge impact, and this means that one client you do not know may attack your company and reach large audiences, and if you are busy and do not pay attention to it or ignore it, you may suffer losses, this is what makes us at 2P take a proactive approach built on well-thought strategies, monitoring your reputation and moving to action when necessary, reinforce positive perceptions, and treat and correct negative thoughts.

We are completely ready!

If you are in a crisis, we are ready, and if you are concerned with knowing the reality of your digital presence and want to manage your reputation, we are ready with our tools, capabilities, and deep experiences to guide you to the reality of your digital position, as you cannot manage something that you cannot measure and therefore we attach great importance to the measurement and opinion polling processes in the reputation management process.

Do not be afraid of crises, we are your first line of defense
Our goal is to provide you with a solution for long-term success

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We do not stop at merely realizing the reality, we rather deal with it in the best way possible, and with speed, diplomacy, and professionalism, we can protect your brand from the biggest crises in the most difficult situations, and we can address countless problems, including withdrawals of your product from the market due to defects in the industry, an internal crisis that turned into a public opinion issue, boycott campaigns aimed at your services, problems with demand and delivery, or a campaign aimed at undermining the reputation of your organization… etc…

The most dangerous is the loss of confidence!

Everything that you publish or post on the Internet can have a great impact on your image, so our role is to monitor and track everything that is positive and remove the effects of everything that is negative, so if we do a simple search for you or your brand name through search engines and then we find that the first and the second results pages have harmful or negative results for you, it means a direct decrease in the reliability of your organization or company in large groups of your customers, and damage to your reputation among partners, banks, institutions and investors, which may lead to devastating effects on your brand!

These misleading pages that appear in the first search results, along with negative customer reviews and ratings, all constitute demolition risk factors and hit the core of your image, so we take great care of these matters and deal with them with integrated strategies to address and remove any damages, enhance your credibility and protect your presence.

Protect your most important capital!

Crises occur, and what matters is how to respond and deal with these crises, and even turn them into an opportunity to move forward, we are with you regardless of what you face to turn your crisis into an opportunity and save your brand, and protect your most important capital, which is your reputation on the Internet.


How can we help you?

  • Work to bury and remove negative search results.
  • Remove defamatory and negative links.
  • Remove fake and negative comments and complaints.
  • Remove negative YouTube videos.
  • Remove defamatory or misleading content.
  • Remove negative automatic suggestions from Google.
  • Remove fake and negative reviews.
  • Monitor honest criticisms and complaints, handle them and deal with them professionally.
  • Immunization of positive research results and defending them against future threats.
  • Prevent misleading negative information and replace it with credible and compelling content.
  • Build an integrated long-term reputation management strategy.

Our team of experts and professionals at 2P deals with reputation management and opinion polls with each company, institution, or individual based on their unique needs. Whatever the crisis or the size of the challenge you face, we can help you develop an effective plan that suits you, and then work to implement it flexibly and efficiently to achieve a strong reputation among your audience, and we rely on this on our extensive experience in three interrelated areas, namely (reputation repair, management, and marketing).

Be more aware of the way your audience looks at you, enhance your credibility and win the trust and love of your customers

Professional opinion polls service!

You cannot advance in the business world without the ability to collect and verify information, and you cannot develop your product, idea, or personal presence on the Internet without surveying the opinions of your customers, we at 2P can help you to complete professional opinion polls of quality and credibility, based on accurate data, our team of distinguished cadres can design an efficient opinion poll that fits your goals, then present it to a representative sample of the target group, to get clear results and solid directions that guide and help you.

We can help you find the right information and data To take the right decision at the right time Hire the professionals now and poll your audience

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