Public Relations Consultancy

Public Relations Consultancy

Consulting is never disappointing you need a wise consultant and a reliable expert to promote your business and build an effective PR strategy for your company or organization or you personally, and we in 2P will put all our relationships, talents, and capabilities at the service of your PR file.

We know how and where to create the desired effect !

Because we know the markets well and we also know the nature of the financial and business world as well as social and development work in non-profit organizations, this makes us develop effective and influential public relations strategies, where we create plans and implement the appropriate programs at the right time and place, and we know that what makes a noise and an impact in Riyadh doesn’t necessarily do so in London, Dubai, or Istanbul, and what works digitally doesn’t necessarily work in real life.

Managing public relations professionally affects the reputation of your organization positively and strongly
So do not neglect it under any circumstances

We will be with you in times of success and crisis!

With our extensive media relations, extensive experience in corporate media, and experience in corporate communication, structuring media units, and public relations management, we will be able to serve your message as well as hand you the key to the hearts of your audience and employees, and to the minds of institutions, partner agencies, and government agencies, as well as investors and donors funds if you work in the charitable sector, we will be with you to maximize success and amplify the impact, and also be with you in difficult times and major crises.

We will support and strengthen your connections with the community surrounding your brand and build a positive image of you

We will enhance your achievements and deal with crises and erase their impact. Contact us now

How do we develop confidence in your business?

  • Strengthening the ties between your organization and its audience (clients – partners – institutions – government agencies – …).
  • Strengthening the ties, developing formal and informal communication channels, and exchanging information and data.
  • Monitor and evaluate the feedback to develop your business performance based on the opinions of customers and various parties.

What do we offer you in the field of public relations consultancy?

At 2P, we provide PR consulting with a team of experts and specialists through:

  1. Formulating a solid strategy for your company or organization by designing and building the structure of public relations, corporate communications, and media, establishing and supervising it, or evaluating, developing, and qualifying its members.
  2. Designing internal communication networks between your employees and/or volunteers, identifying opportunities for external communications, and investing them.
  3. Designing various media qualification programs, institutional communication, and public relations, and training your employees on them, while qualifying your official and media spokesmen, so that you have a team of experts in the field of institutional communication and public relations.
  4. We will provide you with strategies to adopt the appropriate roles for your organization towards society, and to interact positively with events and public affairs while developing your work system to be a basic building block within the institutional community.
  5. For your organization not to be vulnerable in times of crisis that may befall it, a precautionary plan is developed according to a scientific approach based on careful follow-up of its workflow and the development of its preventive systems to best deal with sudden and unexpected crises.
  6. Developing social responsibility project ideas and designing and managing project work models.
  7. Preparing media plans and strategies for building and improving the mental image and managing public relations and electoral campaigns.

Public relations consulting service is one of our delicate services in 2P, as we assign a lot of time and effort to make the advice we provide to you at the appropriate level for your organization, taking into account your aspirations, goals, and what you seek.

Make your aspirations and hopes come true
Consult now our team of experts and professional consultants in the field of public relations
Open the door for your business to networking and cooperation with various authorities and institutions

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