Domain and Hosting services in Dubai

Domain and Hosting services

If you want to build a strong building, the first thing you do is buy a piece of land and then build solid foundations on it.

This is exactly what happens in the internet world; If you want to build a successful website for your project, idea, or product, you will need to reserve a space or domain, which we call (domain name), which often ends with one of these extensions com – net – org – info.

Then you pay attention to the foundations of the website and its base, which is hosting services connecting you to the digital world through the largest space and the highest degree of security and at maximum speed, and the stronger the foundations the larger the building, and we at 2P are experts in building great websites.

The beginning of any website!

Everything starts with reserving a distinctive domain that expresses you, and knowing that the domain is your guide and your address in this digital world and others find you on the Internet through your domain name, you must pay attention to it to make yourself easily reachable through it, that is why we help you choose a great and suitable domain name that speaks about your website on your behalf.

Your success story!

Our mission is to build success stories for websites by providing high-quality and unprecedented hosting solutions that effectively change the user experience, therefore, we provide you with a fertile environment and space for the growth of your business and projects on the Internet, whether your website belongs to a service, product, institution, factory, company, organization or even a person.

If you need to reserve a domain or choose a suitable plan to host your website Contact us now to get your free advice on the plan that best suits your needs

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Hosting services in Dubai

There are various alternatives offered with hosting services and the success of your website depends on your choice, and we can help you to make the best choice that matches the nature of your website as we provide all hosting services that meet and serve all needs from shared hosting to dedicated servers, discover now the new features of each service:

Shared Hosting

Reseller hosting

VPS servers

Cloud servers

Dedicated servers

Protected servers

SSL security certificates

Support and maintenance

What are the advantages of our hosting services?

  1. Direct and immediate activation of the service

  2. SSD hard disks

  3. CloudLinux system

  4. Outgoing messages filter

  5. Unlimited bandwidth consumption

  6. Free SSL Certificate

  7. Fast and secure transfer of your website

  8. DDoS attack protection up to 500Gbps

  9. Internal and external backup

  10. Technical support (7/24 hours)

We know exactly what your website needs to be stable and fast browsable
We work hard to provide the environment that makes sure the website will expand, grow and prosper

Domain services in Duabi

Secure your opportunity now to get a domain that is easy and distinctive to represent your company, organization, or brand in the digital world, we grant you access to the domain you want and also provide domain sniping service as soon as it becomes available, and we can help you with the following services:

  • International domains
  • Domain transfer
  • Domain sniping
  • Domain reservation

Why should you reserve your domain with us?

  • We will frequently remind you before the domain registration period expires so you can renew it.
  • A secure and equipped control panel with clear explanations for how to use it.
  • We provide comprehensive services for everything related to domains.
  • Domain renewal possibility.
  • The ability to hide the identity of the domain owner so that your data can be hidden.
    • Instant protection and monitoring system.
    • Free management for your server.
    • Full technical support 24 hours.

Your website is your online existence and presence
Make sure that everything is running reliably and safely

Ensure the protection and speed of your website with us and enjoy the support provided by 2P team around the clock

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