Retargeting Ads strategy

With retargeting ads, you can remind people of the products or services that they have browsed and/or purchased from your site or app. When using this type of ad, people automatically see products or similar products to those they have seen before.

Retargeting Ads Examples

  1. The product has been viewed or added to the shopping cart, but without completing the purchase, retargeting is done to encourage customers to complete the purchase.
  2. Reach out to people who recently purchased an item from your inventory by showing them similar products.
  3. Reach existing shoppers with an additional product group or a higher-value item by following a more expensive alternative selling strategy.
  4. Reach out to consumers who have not previously purchased from you or who have not visited your site but who have shown interest in the types of products or services that you offer.

How do retargeting ads work?

This type of ads uses machine learning to expand the reach of the advertisement, as the ads automatically display relevant services or offer suitable for people based on their interests and past activities, and the greatest advantage of these ads is that they remove the burden of creating individual ads for each item or product you sell, so instead of manually setting 1000 ads for a thousand services or products, we can create a catalog that contains all your products and services, through a single ad campaign that depends on retargeting, so when a shopper shows interest in one of your products, an advertisement for this person is dynamically created and displayed automatically on his mobile phone, tablet and computer.

What are the benefits of retargeting ads?

Retargeting ads have click rates ten times the click rates of regular display ads, and people who are subject to retargeting tend to complete the conversion process (Purchase process for example) 70% more than people who aren’t subject to retargeting.

Indeed, the opportunities for retargeting ads are great, and if you want to reach the best results with your products or services, you must strategically make use of this type of ad, we at 2P can help you get the best results through these ads.

What are our business principles when launching a retargeting campaign?

  1. We target each section of customers separately because people are different and act in different ways, and this calls for us to use different ads with different messages and innovations, not all people are in the same stage of the relationship with your product or brand, so we display ads according to the relationship stage.
  2. We rely on three factors to enhance the re-targeting process, which is: urgency so that the customer feels the need to take immediate action, as well as scarcity as a psychological tactic that takes advantage of a person’s concern of losing the opportunity to buy, and thirdly, social evidence through the positive impact that is generated when he knows that “everyone is doing this.”
  3. We constantly test the ad campaign in order to find out which positions should be optimized and measure the effectiveness of the ads, and we take great care that the ads do not appear to your lead in large numbers and many places, which makes them ignore the advertisement, whether consciously or subconsciously.
  4. And when the target customers of the advertisement take the action (for example, the purchase process), we exclude them from the audience that we want to re-target, so that the same ad is not shown to them again.

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