Google Shopping Ads

The ads that appear when performing a search for specific products or when shopping online, showing a list of suggested products that have a relationship to the product for which a person is looking, allowing the person to find many options and then compare prices.

Shopping ads are responsible for generating visits to your website or online store, as this type of ad provides an image of your product with all product details displayed “type and brand – price – website or online store name – a brief explanation of all features”.

These ad placements are called “Shopping ads” because they appear in a different and more visual format. We all know that ads appear in textual form next to search engine results, but in this type of ad, a clear image of your product appears, and these ads give users a solid understanding of the product you sell before they click on the ad, this provides you with more qualified leads.

Shopping ads provide an opportunity to encourage your potential customers who use the Google search engine to complete their purchases, by giving you a visual presence in the search results, especially if you have a product that can make a strong visual impression, then this ad space will be worth the cost, these ads also appear on the websites registered in Google Display Network, which gives you the maximum visibility and reach.

In this type of ads, you pay per click, that is, when someone clicks on the image of your product, the fees are only charged when someone clicks on an ad that leads to the landing page on your site or the landing page hosted by Google for your local store, and while click-through and conversion rates tend to decline in these ads, visual ads have a greater residual effect, as they work to increase brand awareness and generate revenue well even if people do not click on them, given the fact that companies that use Google Shopping ads service see a 25% or higher increase in revenue.

What are the advantages of this type of ad?

These ads can reach more qualified leads, by displaying product information directly we can raise the quality of your potential customers’ eligibility to convert, as it helps them as shoppers to make informed decisions about purchasing, which in turn increases the likelihood of completing the purchase on your website.

For example, when “Sam” does a Google search for “aquarium”, he may see Shopping ads from merchants who sell aquariums, and he can identify the one that suits his taste only by looking at the picture, and he can also see if the aquarium fits his budget by looking at the price, this means that while Sami clicks on the ad, he will have a good idea of the product and its cost; Which leads him to a further stage in the purchase conversion funnel compared to a typical web user.

Another important feature of these ads is that instead of using keywords, the Shopping ads use the product features that we identify to show your ads on related searches.

It also guarantees a wide presence as more than one Shopping ad can appear after a user performs a specific search, and if relevant, a Shopping ad and a plain text ad can also appear at the same time, and this means we can double your reach to shoppers in one search process.

We can also update you periodically on the accurate performance of your products; for example, we can tell you how many clicks a particular brand has, provide you with data and statistics on the competitors, and provide you with the available growth opportunities.

Where are Google Shopping ads available?

Shopping ads are currently available in more than 40 countries. You can check them from here while the trial version is available in many other countries.

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